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About Us

A reputable engineering company

Atteris started operating in 1999 in Perth, Western Australia.

We are a reputable and reliable subsea and pipeline engineering services provider. Atteris is managed by a team of subject matter experts who collectively share the ownership of the business. Because of this, we are invested in our work and dedicated to fulfilling our clients’ expectations.

Atteris is renowned for its innovative engineering solutions, both on projects and through research and development programs. Our work has led to improved engineering practices that are embodied in Australian and International standards of practice.

Fostering collaboration

Atteris maintains a strong position in the subsea and pipelines engineering market.

Our engineering solutions for even the most challenging problems are always practical, cost-effective, reliable, safe and robust, and delivered in a professional and cost-efficient manner.

Our team of dedicated and motivated staff is passionate about delivering results on projects to the satisfaction of our clients.

We foster collaboration within our team, with our clients and with our vendors.

Our Purpose

Atteris' purposes are to:

  • offer value to our clients through professional engineering services
  • provide a place of learning and development for our staff
  • play a leading and proactive part in general support of the industries in which Atteris operates, through participation in industry associations and university; and by publishing and presenting technical papers
  • proactively support and contribute to the community we live in.
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Our Vision
To be the engineering company of choice by cultivating a high performing team culture.
Our Mission
To efficiently and consistently deliver outstanding professional engineering services.
Our Values

We will listen to our clients, seek to understand them, and address their needs

Staff Development

We are genuinely interested in the development and wellbeing of our people


We will maintain high integrity in all areas and will not compromise on the integrity of our engineering work and our best behaviours in the workplace


We maintain the highest possible standards for health, safety and environmental impact in our engineering work and in the workplace


We will deliver quality work. We will offer the best answer we can give, always do our best and demonstrate good work ethics


We embrace the diversity of our staff; and we foster amity, mutual respect and inclusion between work colleagues

Industry Innovation

We will contribute to the industry and lead in the technology curve


We will contribute to the community as a responsible corporate citizen