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Concept Select

Atteris has the ability to promptly respond to client needs and deliver feasible, operable and integrated concepts. Our multi-disciplinary teams have the ability to develop effective concept designs and arrive at the optimum solution for our client.

We understand that the project environment in this early stage of a subsea development is often dynamic, and so we work closely with you, providing clarity (supported by data) to help you identify the best solution, with the limited information available.

Our depth of experience and technical knowledge in Concept Select, is focused on managing uncertainties and risks.

Clarity for Selection

At each stage of the project definition, Atteris provides you with clarity on the selection of the design concept, ensuring an appropriate level of detail for your decision making process.

Our process of assess, screen, rank and select can be applied to any size of scope:

  • A small two-week study might support an exploration well’s economic case.
  • A several months duration Pre-FEED study might assess a wide range of value opportunities before selecting a concept to progress to FEED.

Smarter Selection

Atteris’ concept and parametric assessment screening tools, can tap into the combined expertise and creativity of the client’s team and Atteris’ subject matter experts, ensure that all reasonable design concepts are considered at an early phase of concept definition.

Atteris can facilitate concept select workshops to brainstorm the options, perform SWOT analyses, and identify a short-list of potential options for detailed assessment.

Most of the value in a concept design is derived from experienced engineers who can readily screen-out impractical or uneconomic options, enabling the appropriate level of effort to be applied to the more likely options.

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