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Integrity Management Strategy

Atteris delivers clear, accurate and concise integrity management strategy and performance standard documents to our clients.

Our expertise is this area is based on our ability to understand business drivers and constraints, operating philosophy, regulatory requirements and expectations, and the systems that should be established to support a robust integrity management process.

Service Area Specialist
Allison Selman facing the camera
Allison SelmanAsset Lifecycle Manager

Allison is the discipline lead for asset lifecycle assessments of offshore and onshore infrastructure.

Risk Assessments

Atteris is often engaged to facilitate risk assessments at a project or asset level. We are able to deliver a range of risk assessments including Hazard Identification (HAZID), Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) study, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Failure Mode Effects and Criticliaty Analysis (FMECA), Bow-Tie Analysis, Risk Based Inspection (RBI) assessments, Formal Safety Assessments (FSA), Safety Management Studies (SMS) and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Studies.

Our systemic approach delivers a robust outcome. Our trained workshop facilitators and scribes ensure that highly engaging workshops are delivered – even when they are executed remotely. We prepare adequately to make sure our workshops are focussed and take no more time than is necessary.

Inspection, Monitoring and Maintenance (IMM)

Inspection, monitoring and maintenance (IMM) activities provide assurance on the integrity of assets. Atteris develops and delivers clear, accurate and concise inspection, monitoring and maintenance (IMM) plans that enables our clients to monitor and manage ongoing threats to the integrity of their assets. Our ability extends to the delivery of Corrosion Management Plans for addressing the specific threat of internal corrosion.

Our expertise is this area is built on our ability to define credible threats to the asset and available responses to these threats, to understand design limitations and barriers, to appreciate each client’s key drivers and implement practical strategies and plans that considers the total cost of ownership (TCO) for the asset. Our engineers are available to provide project engineering supervision of any IMM campaign or site-based activity.

Repair and Sparing

Atteris delivers repair documentation for our clients, such as repair philosophy, repair strategy, repair plan, repair method statements, sparing philosophy, sparing inventory and pipeline isolation and recommissioning procedures. Adequate repair and sparing preparation enables operations to respond quickly, execute the repair in a safe manner and realise a return to normal operations in a timely manner.

Our expertise in this area is built on our construction experience and resulting practical solutions that can be executed. Our engineers are available to provide project engineering supervision of any repair campaign or site-based activity.

Fitness for Service (FFS)

During the operational life of an asset, condition and anomaly data is collected on an asset. Atteris executes fitness for service (FFS) engineering assessments to determine whether asset integrity is compromised.

Our experience includes assessments of corrosion features, cathodic protection, dents, gouges, weld defects, metal loss, freespans, scour, global buckles, axial walking, cracking, fatigue, stability, and damage to ancillary items.

We perform remaining life assessments to establish a response timeline for taking proactive action and implementing an adequate monitoring strategy.

Atteris are JIP members of the Pipeline Defect Assessment Manual (PDAM), giving access to global best practices and software tools to carry out these engineering assessments.

Compliance and Performance Audits

Atteris delivers technical compliance audits and technical performance audits of safety management systems, asset management systems, integrity management systems, IMM plans and integrity management plans.

Our services are engaged by asset operators who are seeking an independent assessment of their own asset, or the asset of a joint venture operation.

Compliance and performance audits are key to any investment decisions, as the technical “health” of the asset is directly related to the total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment.