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Dynamic Systems

Agility in a Competitive Market

We are focused on responding effectively and efficiently to our Client’s needs.

By genuinely listening to our Client’s requests, we assist them with framing the scope that would best address their needs. Our ability to mobilise resources promptly, along with in-house automation tools and computing resources, allows us to deliver the work and provide solutions in an optimum timeframe.

Where required, dynamic analysis can quickly escalate to a number of load cases and a degree of effort that can be disproportionate compared to the pursued outcome. Atteris’ team of experts can articulate the work around the targeted results.

On both large projects and small scopes, we value transparency and collaboration with our Clients. This enables us to build trust and develop long-term relationships.

Service Area Specialist
Céline Lanoëlle facing the camera
Céline LanoëlleDynamic Systems Manager

Céline is the discipline lead for dynamic systems and flexible pipe technology.

Dynamic Risers and Flexible Pipes

From FE dynamic analysis to flexible pipe SME support, Atteris provides their expertise to assist Clients’ Projects and Operation.

Our team can perform a wide variety of engineering assessments including:

  • Dynamic riser configuration design & analysis
  • Installation support & analysis
  • Tie-in / pull-in / in-place analysis
  • Marine riser analysis
  • Independent review of analysis

From our own premises or integrated within the Client’s team, we also support Operators’ Projects and Assets by offering the following SME support services:

  • Project delivery / production / integrity management support
  • Manufacturing / qualification testing auditing
  • Vendor engagement

Floating Systems and Moorings

Our FE capabilities encompass floating bodies and moorings, allowing an integrated approach for complex systems such as disconnectable turret moorings.

Atteris is proving support to Operators and Installation Contractors’ offshore operations in the following areas:

  • RTM / buoy dynamic analysis
  • Decommissioning support
  • Mooring analysis
  • Stability / ballast check
  • Motion prediction

Software packages and Industry Codes and Standards are continuously renewed to stay up to date with the latest technology.

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