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Life Extension

Asset Life Extension and Requalification

Atteris’ asset life extension and requalification expertise provides asset owners with the opportunity to reduce total cost of ownership by enabling assets to continue operating beyond its original design life.

Our success understanding the different technical and commercial drivers over the lifecycle of an asset, to identify and deliver the most cost-effective life extension that enables continued use of an asset.

Service Area Specialist
Allison Selman facing the camera
Allison SelmanAsset Lifecycle Manager

Allison is the discipline lead for asset lifecycle assessments of offshore and onshore infrastructure.

Technical Expertise

Our team of specialist asset integrity and asset management engineers from multi-discipline backgrounds ensures that robust life extension and requalification assessments.

Life extension and requalification capabilities include the engineering assessments needed to support the life extension:

  • Design up-rating assessments
  • Design life extension assessments
  • Change of service assessments
  • Remaining life assessments
  • Fatigue assessments
  • Corrosion assessments
  • Fitness for service assessments
  • Flexible in-place analysis

Clarity on Risk

Atteris is focussed on ensuring that current and future risks are understood and can be managed for the changed service conditions and/or extended service duration.

The key to life extension and requalification assessments is understanding your current risk exposure and how the risk changes with the changed service conditions and/or extended service duration.

Atteris applies a robust risk assessment process that provides clarity on how asset integrity is impacted and how risk is distributed. This clarity on risk allows robust risk mitigation and management actions to be developed and implemented.