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Providing High-value, Independent Front End Engineering Solutions

Atteris offers an integrated solution for Concept and FEED study work, which is impartial and independent of any installation contractor or vendor, ensuring that the project priorities are always driven by you.

The greatest opportunity to reduce the cost and risk of a project is during this early project phase, where we engage with our client to understand the needs from an overall system perspective.

Our Expertise

Front End Engineering Design lies in the core of the Atteris business. We have delivered Front End Engineering Services on small, medium size and large developments.

Most of our innovative engineering solutions were developed during the FEED phase. In those cases, the need for an innovative approach was initially identified during the concept design phase. The innovation was subsequently developed during the FEED.

The FEED phase focuses on:

  • Engineering (technical) definition
  • System reliability and process safety
  • Health and safety risks
  • Environmental impact
  • Budget and timeline

What's next?

A good FEED will reflect all the client’s project specific requirements and avoid significant changes during the execution phase.

The output from the FEED is used to:

  • define final site data collection programs
  • complete the basis of design (BOD)
  • define the basis for bidding the execution phase contracts
  • undertake hazard identification and risk assessments (HAZIDs, HAZOPs)
  • apply for project regulatory approvals
  • firm up the project’s cost estimate and timeline
  • secure long lead items
  • decide on project sanctions.
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