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Detailed Design

Attention to detail

Detailed (Engineering) Design is the last of three implementation phases in engineering, after Concept Design and FEED, where the creative and preliminary models in the first two phases are described in detail.

This phase requires the application of engineering design knowledge into action (execution).

The output of Detailed Design is used to:

  • Complete the engineering design and project specifications
  • Finalise the risk assessment processes (HAZIDs, HAZOPs)
  • Achieve project regulatory approvals
  • Update the project’s final cost estimate and timeline
  • Award the execution phase supply, fabrication and installation contracts
  • Manage the execution contracts and associated risks
  • Manage the environmental and social impacts.

Atteris is accustomed to the Detailed Design phase requirements for complex projects.

In Detailed Design there is no room for error. Options are only considered if they cause no or little disruption to the process and if they add significant value.

Adherence to timeline and budget is a key requirement. The demands on flexibility are typically high during this phase.

We have significant experience with the delivery of the Detailed Design phases of projects.

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