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Advanced On-Bottom Stability Design

Atteris’ extensive project expertise has provided unique opportunities to develop advanced engineering models for the assessment of flowline, umbilical and cable on-bottom stability.

CORUS-3D is the concretisation of in-depth research and knowledge developed over years of experience within the oil and gas industry. CORUS-3D allows Atteris engineers to model the complex pipe-soil-hydrodynamic interaction process and undertake time domain based finite element simulations.

DNV Validated

CORUS-3D has been independently checked and validated by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

Validation by DNV provides assurance to Atteris and its clients that the modelling has been undertaken in line with industry standards and the recommendations of the recommended practice DNV-RP-F109. CORUS-3D has been utilised on multiple projects resulting in significant cost savings to clients by reducing the secondary stabilisation requirements.