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Atteris performed the shore crossing and shallow water stabilisation design for the Wheatstone project. Key benefits realised were an environmentally sound and cost competitive shore crossing option, and a robust stability design for secondary stabilisation that facilitated efficient and reliable construction.
The Wheatstone Project is developed by Chevron and comprises the Wheatstone and Iago offshore gas fields. Production is via subsea wells and manifolds, through insulated flowlines to the Wheatstone Platform (WP). From the WP the gas and condensate is transported via a 44 inch diameter trunkline to the onshore LNG plant south of Onslow.
Work Performed by Atteris

Atteris performed the Concept Select, FEED, Detail Design and construction support for the shore crossing and nearshore pipeline stabilisation. Atteris design work included:

  • Selection of the micro-tunnelling shore crossing option based on this being the lowest environmental impact, limited schedule impact, lowest risk and lowest cost.
  • FEED design of the micro-tunnel, and owners engineering support during execute phase.
  • Launch shaft and exit pit design.
  • Trunkline coating and CP design in the shore crossing location.
  • Secondary stabilisation / pipeline protection design, including:
    • Geotechnical and geophysical review of the nearshore area (approx. 35 km overall length)
    • Trenchability assessment
    • Construction equipment definition
    • Full secondary stabilisation design including pre-trench and post-lay rock berm requirements
    • Physical testing including wave flume and anchor drag testing for rock berms
    • Cost estimation and design optimisation
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